Realizing the African Dream
Areas of Expertise

  • Migration and Human Trafficking
  • Ethics and Corruption
  • Disability and People Living with Disability
  • Gender Issues HIV/AIDS
  • Education and Academic issues

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Our Values

The organization main philosophy gives emphasis on indigenous African values and thoughts. We value working together as a spirit of development. Moreover,


  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Discipline
  • Diligence
  • Humility
  • Optimism
  • Conviction are the values of our organization

Staff Members

List of  top Management Staff Members


Selahadi645f05ea-dbf7-4fa3-b826-ea3f09e26d40n Eshetu/ Founder and Director

Qualifications: MA in International Relations and Leadership, BA in Political Science and International Relations

Mr Selahadin is a blogger, high level trainer, motivational speaker, senior researcher, writer and entrepreneur. His interests are on issues of Migration and human trafficking, International relations, Leadership, Communications/Public Relations, Peace and Conflict Management and Diaspora studies. He published a book titled ‘the Politics of Diaspora: case of Ethiopians in USA’. Moreover, he conducted several researches on issues of International relations, Trafficking and migration.


Isa Abraham/ Deputy Director


Qualifications: BA in Philosophy

Mr. Isa is an inspirational trainer and business consultant. He has developed several business development strategies to different companies. Moreover, he is well developed experience in Human Resources, marketing and Sales. He has been giving several trainings to different reputable companies including Info Mind Solutions and The Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce.


Hiwot Emeshaw/ External Relations Manager


Qualifications: MA in International Relations; BA in Political Science and International Relations.

Hiwot is one of the top trainers and communications professionals in Africa. She is a campaigner, trainer, researcher, facilitator, organizer of events and inspirational writer. She has intense experience in working with International Organizations in areas of Maternal Health and Infant Mortality, Communication for health. She has developed several campaign projects for reputable companies like Save the Children and Management Science for Health (MSH)



Moges Amdesilassie / Training Manager

Qualifications: MA, BA in Public Administration and Development Management.


Moges is one of the passionate trainers who has more than seven years of experience in working in a Governmental Higher Educational institutions and in International NGOs. He has been working in GIZ as Urban Governance Advisor. In addition, he has delivered high level trainings on issues of governance, Public Administration, Development, Business Communication, and related subjects. He is an outstanding public speaker and one of the best in his management of Trainings.



Akewak Gobosho copyAkewak Yadeta / Project Officer

Qualifications: Studied the Master of Science in Water Management specialization water conflict management at The UNESCO-IHE, Netherlands as well as MA in International Relations and BA Political Science and international relations at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

Areas of interest and expertise: multilateral diplomacy, conflict resolution, international cooperation, natural resource management and governance, Integrated Water Resource Management, development institutions (local to global), Peace and security issues.